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Jim Liogy ist the stage- and producer name of the Austrian entrepreneur and scientific advisor DDr. Joachim Weichselbaumer.  As a keynote speaker, Jim Liogy draws from a particularly rich experience:

For over a decade he was as a ghostwriter and business psychologist working confidentially behind the scenes with clients such as Fortune 500 company board members, CEO´s of Austrian companies and politicians. Through his education as a philosopher of science and a PhD psychologist it was his specialty to illuminate complex interdisciplinary issues clearly and analytically. However, in his professional orientation phase in earlier years he was also a courier driver with a truck on the road, and in doing so, he has experienced the large contrast of how extremely different one can be seen and treated by people as an ordinary worker versus a consultant in corporate boardrooms. These experiences and the resulting conclusions Jim Liogy made about the social fabric of society had great influence on his work as an executive advisor: He realized through experience that many top managers have absolutely no clue about the living environments of their employees, and the arrogance of many executives can often be interpreted as a lack of their life experience with different social classes. Consequently, it was one of his successful strategies as a business psychologist to confront corporate executives and blue collar workers in open and honest communication with each other. When Jim Liogy is not engaged as a keynote speaker, he is primarily active with his "Masterdream Productions" in those areas where his professional roots are based: music and photography. Aside from graduating in Theory of Science, which then led him to the advisor position, Jim graduated in the psychology of music and arts: This was a natural consequence of making and recording music all his life, having the honor of working with such talented singers as Meike Garden on songs, lyrics and recordings. Yet, throughout all his adisor-years he never gave up being engaged with music and photography. But now all these activities are collected under the umbrella brand "Masterdream Productions", and "Jim Liogy", which is his professional producers name: Jim is a short form of Joachim, and Liogy is the name of a lounge furniture brand he founded a few years ago; the term is a blend of lion and gym because one of the wooden LIOGY furniture pieces has the shape of a leaping lion (with some good imagination;-) Jim Liogy also worked as a freelance consultant for the Recruiters "Hill International". Jim Liogy was one of the last students of the University of Vienna, who had the opportunity to study with the famous Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl personally at university seminars on logotherapy. As a sporty balance to his diverse entrepreneurial and artistic activities Jim Liogy does intensive boxing training (heavyweight / Boxing Coach) and mountain running. Although Jim Liogy is mainly occupied with projects of his "Masterdream Productions", he always tries his best to find free capacities for international keynote clients. Jim Liogy is a passionate networker and he is always open for connecting interesting people and ideas. Jim´s personal page at the social networking portal LinkedIN.

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