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Jim LIOGY has several standard keynotes in the program (request current list), which are adjusted with the client to the special occasion. Alternatively, Jim LIOGY writes completely new and individual keynotes which are created specifically for a single occasion.

Jim LIOGY keynotes must be booked at least eight weeks before the event.

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"Jim LIOGY Keynotes are an extremely exciting addition to conferences,because he addresses an intelligent audience and goes far beyond the well-known methodical games and stage jokes"

Jim LIOGY Keynotes are

a fascinating blend of psychology, philosophy and entertainment

Inspiring with a unique speaking style, Jim Liogy has completely redefined the art of entertaining education.

In his rousing keynotes, Jim Liogy brings up exciting questions about personal and professional matters of everyday life and finds surprisingly clear and reasonable answers that broaden widely the perspective on our society. Jim LIOGY manages to give answers to social psychological phenomena of our society within a 30-minute keynote that you have never heard before in this brilliance and brevity.



Everything Is Quite Simple

With Half The Knowledge

In this captivating journey through many different fields of knowledge Jim Liogy shows in a humorous and revealing way how half knowledge reigns our world. Journalists who represent conjectures as facts, politicians, aware of the half-truths but manipulating their constituents, and even scientists, who conceal facts to let their experiments shine in a better light, are just a few examples of how half truths govern our world. Any expert, reading newspaper articles on her or his area of expertise, often gets angry about many of the announced half-truths. But this is clear to an expert only, and if you are not an expert, then you accept what is written. Jim Liogy calls this the "tragedy of half knowledge" and sees this as a major cause of many pressing problems of our time, as well as a cause of intercultural conflicts. In this exciting and extremely fact-rich keynote, Jim Liogy shows not only how to expose half-truths and pseudo-science by its internal contradictions, but rather what half-truths are good for: their positive role is inforcing a wise and accurate criticism. In this exciting keynote, Jim Liogy discusses the risks and the benefits of half-truths on our world and everyday consequences in a most welcome, humorous style. A "must" for all journalists and knowledge workers.

Be Nice!

But Not Always!

This keynote deals with the so-called "good education" and the tendency of well- behaved people to be generally nice and friendly in every situation. In the first instance, there is nothing to say against it. However, there are many people who rate this kindness for weakness, and start such gentle and sensitive persons, to dominate,  manipulate and suppress from the first moment they meet them. Often they do this openly and visibly, because they know that friendly and well-behaved people can and will not defend themselves accordingly. Especially in large organizations and major corporations you sometimes meet such "killer types" in the middle and upper managements, who often want to strengthen their own low self-esteem with such miserable behavior. The hiring manager then tells them often that they would be too sensitive in character for the next career move. Through the mix of good upbringing, awareness and education they give in rather than defend themselves against unfair characters. After the keynote "Be nice, but not always" by Jim Liogy, sensitive and gentle people will learn how to verbally defend themselves against the evil machinations of unprincipled manipulators. In a humorous way, Jim Liogy demonstrates how to beat manipulators and sadists at their own game. As a trained boxer Jim Liogy also gives tips on how to transfer mental strategies from boxing and sports in general to negotiating situations, and how one can act calm and collected despite stressful situations. With the verbal strategies and techniques that you learn in this keynote, no one will ever intentionally step on your toes again without regret. A keynote for brave bosses and others who want to become such.

Jim Liogy has been a ghostwriter and business psychologist working confidentially behind the scenes for clients such as Fortune 500 board members, CEO´s of large companies and politicians for more than a decade before he turned back to his roots as a music producer and photographer. However, Jim Liogy, who graduated both in Theory of Science and Psychology, still loves to share his collected experience and  knowledge through appearances as a public philosopher and keynote speaker.

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The Secrets Of Beauty - from psychological, biological and physical points of views

On Civility, Reasoning And ...Politics

All About Love

Jim LIOGY Keynotes provide stimulating topics for discussion and are an extremely dynamic completion to your conference or kick-off meeting.

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